The Adventures of Captain Cur & Wonderflea (Hardcover)

The Adventures of Captain Cur & Wonderflea Cover Image
By Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow, Damian Ward (Illustrator), Ray Merritt (Editor)
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Captain Cur & Wonder Flea is unique new direction in children's illustrated literature. With charm, class, and a touch of erudition, it tells a story of values, priorities, and the meaning of tolerance in a manner understood by children, appreciated by adults, and enjoyed by both. It is a story of the unlikely alliance between a dog and his flea, which leads to mutual respect, the essential grounds of true friendship. The book's lighthearted rhymes open with Dog, a homeless mutt with little self-confidence. Lovelorn and alone in his darkest hour, he is saved from destruction by Wonder Flea--who has, unbeknownst to Dog, been his friend all along. The unlikely pair adventure together throughout Brooklyn, meeting other animals and performing feats of derring-do along the way. By day's end, Dog, who renames himself Captain Cur, will need to find self-respect enough to overcome the biggest obstacle of his dog's life. A portion of the proceeds from this book is being donated to The Cygnet Foundation, which will in turn direct the proceeds to welfare organizations including UNICEF and the Animal Rescue Fund.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781576873427
Publisher: powerHouse Books
Publication Date: November 1st, 2006
Pages: 48