I Heart Girl (Hardcover)

I Heart Girl By Jessica Yatrofsky (By (photographer)) Cover Image
By Jessica Yatrofsky (By (photographer))
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The subjects ofI Heart Girldo not exhibit the expected stereotypes of women in mass media today. Instead, each face and each body is presented by Jessica Yatrofsky through study and repetition, examining femininity with irreverence and countering the widely accepted female image of past generations.
Purposefully capturing young subjects with varying degrees of "masculine" and "feminine" traits, Yatrofsky further ignores the cliches of conventional gender identifiers. In her seriesI Heart Girl, hyper-sexualized extremes of female archetypes do not exist, instead we are given a new picture of what contemporary female culture looks like.

The photographs depict young women-nude, clothed, hard-featured, delicate, both alone and in pairs. Some subjects are adorned by tattoos, symbolic of their placement in history, others with hints of counter-culture peeking through extra pierced holes and candy-colored wisps of hair. The poses are earnest and the light is revelatory. This unique curationof the female image allows us to view features once perceived as diametrically opposed; the subjects becoming representative of a facet in the current cultural landscape. It is a landscape whose breadth has extended and evolved further than ever before, but still one that is often at odds with itself.

Ordinaryand exotic are the extremes, and Yatrofsky allows them all to exist within the confines of her photographs. Collectively, the narrative is an invitation to re-examine what we know of femininity.I Heart Girlembraces the complexity of gender identification and it's latest collective shifts. The subjects are both venerable and powerful, a candid yet tender reminder that femininity is not singular.

About the Author

Jessica Yatrofskyis a New York-based photographer and filmmaker. Focusing on body politics,beauty and gender, Yatrofsky's work spans across fine art and fashionphotographyas well as experimentaland documentary film.Her photographic work has been exhibited internationally and is part of thepermanentcollection with theLeslie Lohman Museum in New York City.

Praise For…

"simple and soulful"

"Confounding traditional representations of women in mass media and undermining institutionalised notions of masculinity and femininity, her latest photographic offering, a monograph called I Heart Girl, is a stark study of real women, unadulterated and raw. Naked without being objectified, or clothed without accentuating the subject's gender, her subjects are a refreshing reminder that beauty and femininity come in a variety of forms"

"A timely and ever-important rejection of the boring beauty standards imposed on women everywhere." -Dazed

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