Fracktured Lives

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The incredible, limited edition newspaper version of the Fracktured Lives artist poster project.  Available exclusively at POWERHOUSE!

Fracktured Lives was begun in 2010 and came to final fruition in 2020 at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. It originated as an assignment (in Silkscreen Poster Design with the prompt: “in response to Fracking”), that evolved into a larger book and poster project. Bringing in all sorts of individuals, artists, activists, students, and deploying a range of aesthetics between “high” and “low brow” art forms, the posters and the ideas behind them were collectively brainstormed and printed at The School of Visual Arts printshop where I have been teaching Design and Guerilla Graphics for over 20 years. At the printshop, in collaboration with my students, I started the collective DIRTY GRAPHICS, (founded circa 1997). The concept of the collective was strongly inspired by a previous project I worked on (in concert with artists and activists involved in anti-gentrification activism in Manhattan’s Lower East Side) entitled Your House is Mine (1988-92). Marvin Taylor (NYU Fales Library), Ian Kahn, and Mark Dimunation (Library of Congress Rare books) recently called Your House is Mine “One of the most important artists books of 20th century”.

For Fracktured Lives specifically, the collective printed over 65 silkscreen posters: 100 prints of each poster— half for the street and public banners/demos— the other half for a book, in a limited edition of 50 total books. The sum total of hand-printed posters produced for Fracktured Lives is over 5000. Fracktured Lives initially dealt more locally with gas drilling in upstate NY, but it soon became apparent that the issue of fracking has increasingly become global. We created this project to protest and ultimately ban the practice of hy- dro-fracturing to forcibly extract natural gas, or “fracking”. Art sometimes becomes a necessity and art as life a necessary form of resistance. As the project evolved in both street demonstrations and in developing graphic strategies in the printshop, it became our existence.

– Andrew Castrucci

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